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Home to The Little Ones

Home to The Little Ones

We've all heard this story - "I bought my child the most expensive toy and they played for hours with the cardboard box it came in!"

So let's go back to basics!

Classic toys for imaginative little ones; little ones love to explore, they can make a game out of any situation and a story out of any characters or objects they have to hand. With this in mind "The Little Ones" store focuses on classic toys to encourage learning and adventure.

The world and its norms when it comes to children's activities is changing drastically; most free play time is now replaced with measurable activities such as after school clubs and sports teams, fear of injury means less children are exploring the outdoors and climbing trees and technology means more children are tapping at a screen rather than playing with toys. 

We want to change the way children learn and explore and bring back some adventure into your little one's journey! 

Our aim is to give your little one a range of toys and accessories which provide them with a fun way to learn, a comforting way to spend their time at home and an adventurous outlook on exploring the world around them. 

So join our journey and visit the store that's home to The Little Ones.





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Why can't education be fun?

Why can't education be fun?