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Our Story

We set out with the intention of providing little ones with affordable gifts; special items which were handmade with love, unique in design and timeless pieces which could be enjoyed by children, passed to younger siblings and filled with memories over the years. After much research, a number of sampled items and a thorough process of quality and safety control, our first selection was put together and "The Little Ones" was born.  
The Little Ones is a UK based online store. All our products are fulfilled from our warehouses here in Wales and shipped with care across the UK. Our UK fulfilment allows us to provide a free and fast shipment service to our UK customers, as well as affordable and fast shipping for our international customers. 

A journey of a mother or father discovering the joys of parenthood and the journey of a little one growing, learning, playing and travelling as well as enjoying the comforts of the home. Our range of products will help you through all stages of your little one’s adventures!

We want to create a perfect environment for your children; as your little ones take a journey through life, we want to be able to provide a range of items that will help them along their way - we are therefore constantly expanding our selection of products. Build a beautiful atmosphere for them with our home items, let their imaginations run wild with our unique wooden play toys and make learning fun with our educational toy selection. With safety and quality in mind, our goal is to always deliver the best to you.

Here at The Little Ones, we care about you. We welcome you into a store that is home to you and your children to select items and gain experiences that will enhance your journey with your little ones. We pride ourselves on customer service as well as providing high quality items at affordable prices. Your safety and the safety of your children is our top priority; we therefore have all our items quality and safety tested before being sold, so you can rest assured that your little ones will enjoy the best of each item you purchase for them.
We believe it is important to provide the best quality items at fair and affordable prices, we are here to provide the best services and products for our customers. If you are not 100% satisfied, it's simple, you get your money back.