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Best Wooden Toys 2019

Best Wooden Toys 2019

Wooden toys have become quite the trend as many parents want to go back to classic and timeless pieces for their children to grow up with. Children's toys come in a variety of styles and can play a huge part in your child's learning, play and relaxation time. 

With such a huge selection to choose from, we'd like to share some of our top picks for wooden toys from 2019.


1. Wooden Teether 

These come in a huge range of designs and are great for young children as they are made from natural wood and safe materials - they sometimes have silicon beads or crochet balls and their soft colours and subtle designs make them timeless pieces to add to your little ones collection. 


2. Wooden Blocks 

Wooden blocks are a simple yet fun way for your child to learn coordination and balance as well as shapes and colours. They can also be used for imaginative play;  build bridges and towers or let their imagination run wild by creating larger structures such as buildings and castles! 


3. Number, Alphabet and Shape Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to teach children about letters and numbers! They use their knowledge and coordination to match up pictures to either numbers or letters and these can be used to also teach them their first words or their first simple addition and subtraction sums. The puzzles also come in a range of designs so your child can learn with their favourite colours and favourite characters. 


4. Wooden Stacker 


Stackers make a great gift for a newborn as they look lovely as display pieces in your child's room until they are old enough to learn and play with them. Once they start playing with them they learn about perception and shape as well as colours. A perfect addition to your little ones bedroom or playroom. They also come in a range of colours and different shapes and styles. 


5. Wooden Walker 

Eventually your child will be old enough for that next stage - their first steps! A wooden walker is great to help them along the way. It will give them support when trying to walk and once they are confident in doing so they will love to use walkers like these to transport their favourite toys to play with. These can often be personalised to add your child's name depending on where you buy them from and also sometimes come with build in blocks, puzzles and other features. 


6. Wooden Kitchen 

Pretend play is great for kids and we love this kitchen set with build in features and gadgets for your children to play with. Children often enjoy copying what their parents do and this will keep them occupied for hours! It's also a great way to teach them about food prep and healthy eating. Pretend play items come in a variety of designs and the wooden toys also include building tools, doctor and dentist sets, shop keeper tills and various other items that allow your children to learn and explore their imagination. These are also great for groups of children to play together and learn about teamwork and communication. 



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Why can't education be fun?

Why can't education be fun?